Поставила плюс в след. The graphics are clean, smooth and quick; the interface is responsive and intuitive, and the database is extensive. А возможно это для 6 оси Сообщение отредактировал cooler — Вы сможете найти больше информации по новым продуктам и обновлениям на сайте www. The award winning Astronomy Software Redshift for Android. Звезду же вы никогда не определите! I have not done much more than scratch the surface, despite many accumulated hours of use.

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Redshift brings the night sky to your screen. Explore alien planets, enhance your knowledge with detailed information on astronomy and space travel — and never miss an important celestial event.

The app tells you which stars, constellations and planets are currently visible in the night sky from your location; furthermore, it shows you the way to rwdshift celestial body you want to study. Travel to any location within the Solar System; orbit the planets and their moons, and land on their surfaces.

Browse more thanstars, 70, spectacular deep sky objects, asteroids, 16 comets and 26 moons as well as all planets and dwarf planets. Watch detailed representations of the planets, moons, asteroids and comets as well as bright and planetary nebulae, star clusters and many other deep sky objects.



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Redshift Compact for beginners, Redshift Pro with many additional features, and telescope control. Overview of all Redshift versions: Mail to ios usm. For more information on news and updates: Redshift — Astronomy App Description. I have been using the standard RedShift program for several years and find it very useful for searching and obtaining info on most objects in the night sky.

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Having a юля and display tool that also offers precise positioning is really useful. The follow the sky mode and auto identification of all objects on the screen is a great tool!

I actually like it and find its functions useful in star gazing especially the follow it feature. Please let us sync time with an redsihft clock server, the app is time synced with the device app, which is not accurate.

Fix the clock and you have it all. This is a very good app for armature astronomers. Needs to go back before B. I have downloaded and tried just about every astronomy app out there since I redsyift owned an Apple «anything» and they have all come up short one way or another.


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I was first introduced to Redshift years ago in the Windows environment and somehow lost touch with it through the various Windows OS upgrades.

Imagine after all this time stumbling on Redshift the other day in the App Store. I am so glad to have this program back in my life! I particularly like «tracking» the ISS in real time. Like having the whole universe, in 3D, in your hand.

Great for an amateur astronomer like me. My 8 year-old grandson loves to use it. Catan Classic USM 4.

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Catan Universe USM 4. Redshift — Astronomy USM 4.

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